Industry Knowledge

We have solutions that work for you


Our application involves you filling out a simple, fast online application, and submitting four most recent bank statements electronically. The application should take only a few minutes to complete, compared to a traditional lender application which could take hours to finish


You should receive terms of the offer within 24 hours of submitting completed application. Once you have accepted the terms, we verify your application. That process takes between one and two days – at the end of which you should receive the funding in your bank account. Traditional lenders could take weeks or months for approvals and disbursement


We take a holistic view of your business, and are much more flexible on credit criteria than traditional lenders


Our team has decades of experience in financing thousands of businesses across all the industries. Knowing the challenges of the business you are in allows us to come up with better and more suitable financing products for your business

Customer Service

At Certa, we strive to have to deliver you the best customer experience – from the moment you start our application, we have dedicated and friendly customer service representatives standing by. Call us on (646) 650-3799, or email us