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Flexible repayment terms to fit your business


Our financing products are customized for smaller restaurants and other hospitality businesses. Working capital can be used for inventory purchases, expansion and other business initiatives. Rates are based on credit, business condition, business type, geography and other risk factors. Unlike traditional lenders, we make our application process easy and consider all aspects of your credit history and business. You can have the money in your account in just a few days.

Accounts Receivable Financing

This program provides for an immediate cash advance against outstanding invoices

  • What is it: A loan against Accounts Receivables that a business holds
  • How does it work: The business pledges Accounts Receivables against a loan
  • When is it recommended: Business with a significant portfolio of Accounts Receivable from older / established businesses
  • Typical structure: a facility to pledge 30-90 day receivables at a cost of 1.5% to 2.5% per month
  • Minimum qualifications: 2 years time in business, proven track record for product and services delivery

Merchant Cash Advances (MCA)

MCA matches repayment of the funding to your revenues. We take a fixed percentage of each credit transaction amount until the agreed-upon amount has been paid back to Certa. If revenues decline in a given month, then you pay back less in that month.

  • What is it: MCA advances an amount to a business in return for a fixed percentages of the business revenues
  • How does it work: A fixed percentage of business revenues is directed to repayment of whatever amount is outstanding
  • When is it recommended: MCA is best suited for businesses who are newer, have no assets for collateral, and have seasonal revenues
  • Typical structure: 8-15% of gross revenues directed to repayment, daily or weekly payments, estimated repayment time between 6 and 15 months
  • Minimum qualifications: 6 months time in business, $25,000 monthly revenue

Business Loan

Business loans are best suited for businesses with consistent and stable revenues. We offer an option to prepay the outstanding balance early and save on financing costs


  • What is it: An amortizing loan to a business
  • How does it work:  A fixed amount is debited from the business’s  account for a fixed amount of time. Payment frequency could be daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the business financials
  • When is it recommended: This product is best for businesses with assets that could be used as collateral, or for businesses with stable monthly revenues
  • Typical structure: 12-30 month repayment term with daily, weekly or monthly amortization
  • Minimum qualifications: 9 month time in business, at least $25,000 in monthly revenues

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